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Monday, 1 May 2017

Car Accessories

They come in all shapes and sizes for every possible taste that may exist. You may have gotten your first one as soon as you got your license or you may have had to wait a while longer to get one. He’s been your companion wherever you’ve gone and no matter how you’ve treated it. It might have a couple of dings here or there, maybe it has a lot. It doesn’t matter though, it still loves you. What better way to show your love for your car than to pamper it with a few or a lot of car accessories.

Anti-Sleep Alarm
Long road trips are amazing but falling asleep at the wheel is not. That is why you need Stopsleep. This car accessory recognizes loss of concentration and may save your life by preventing the driver from falling asleep at the wheel. How can it prevent the driver from falling asleep at the wheel? No need to worry, we have the answer for you. Stopsleep measures the conductivity of the skin and therefore reflect the brain’s activity. Rest assured and take that long road trip you’re planning with Stopsleep.

Dash Cam
Now you can immortalize all your road adventure and leave them for your posterity. You could even relive the time you took the eyes off the road to pick up that cookie you dropped, ouch! The Garmin Dash Cam is small in size but records in high-quality 3.7 megapixels and 1440p video. The Garmin Dash Cam is also GPS-enabled so that at the occurrence of an impact it will save not only the video footage but show when and where the even happened.

Dual USB Car Charging Adapter
Charge not one, not two, but three devices at once with this dual USB car charging adapter. Find it in your car no matter how dark it may be thanks to its luminescent tip. Choose from either its black, white, or blue presentations. This is one of the must have car accessories we have available for you.

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