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Monday, 14 March 2016

Smart Home Products You Can Use to Make Your House Technologically Sound

In this modern age of technology, you can’t leave your homes to be old anymore. You need to make them smart and technologically sound so that you’re able to stay in touch with your home even when you’re out of town. Here are some of the latest smart home products that will help you do so.

Sleep tight every night and let the Mooring mattress pad track your sleep patterns at the same time. It will adjust to the bedroom environment and rewards you a superb sleeping experience as well. Mooring is beneficial in a lot of ways and comes with stunning features such as in-depth sleep tracking, custom-fit temperature, soundless alarm, mobile control, thermo-smart and hi-tech drying. The embedded technology behind this mattress will let you enjoy a natural and refreshing sleep every night that will only get better over time.

LG Robot Ball
Get all your mundane tasks at home done easily but with some grace by using the LG Robot Ball. From being an entertainer for your kids or your pets, the LG Rolling Bot is one of those smart house gadgets which is about half the size of your bowling ball, the gadget has been designed in a way to roll around your pad, control appliances or TVs and monitor your home with a built-in 8MP webcam. Much like the BB-8, this bot can also beep and chirp and keep entertaining you and your family that way. It also sports a laser pointer which can be used by the owner to control remotely through a connected camera.

Digital Art Display by Electronic Objects
Change your art with the seasons or even just according to your mood with the Digital Art Display by Electronic Objects. Complete with a bold black or white frame and an internet connection, you’re able to upload and change the image and display using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Electronic Objects app has loads of original art of the brand’s own for inspiration or you can create and share your own pieces. Working with anything with a URL, you can display text, images, and even GIFs of your choosing. Best of all, you can share your own artwork with the Electronic Objects community.

AnyMote Home – The Smart Universal Remote Control
Instantly turn your home into a smart home with AnyMote Home, the smart universal remote control. With a system that supports over a million devices, this universal remote is one of those smart home appliance which has a central hub for all of your electronics. Connecting to your smartphone or tablet through the app, you can turn on and control all of your devices with a single finger. The app can also categorize your favorites, set combinations for activities such as dimming the lights when a movie starts, and even lets you set a schedule to automatically switch to your show as soon as it starts. The AnyMote Home works with your smartphone or tablet all over the house, saving you from searching for lost remotes.

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