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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge Comes With An Innovative Screen Technology

From the front, you need not confuse the Note 4 Edge with any other smartphone out there. Sure, it keeps the same form factor and design elements as the Note 4 but the screen is a dead giveaway that this is not your typical smartphone. The edge of the Note 4 Edge is rounded and the screen is extended into that rounded edge. The beautifully curved edge is bound to expand your own creative space. The borderless aesthetics from the unique curved Edge screen provides a seamless and rich viewing experience to users. Undoubtedly, The Note 4 Edge is here to provide all users with a new way to access information, engage with their mobile device, and express their personality and tastes.

The device’s unique curved Edge screen provides quick access to frequently used apps,
alerts and device functionality all with the swipe of a thumb, even when the cover is closed. You can also receive notifications directly on the Edge Screen while watching videos without disturbing their viewing. No more loss of notification that matters to you. All the
notification will be moved to the Edge screen thus enabling
you to focus on the main content with very minimal interruption. That way, you can easily kick off your day with live information and photos on your own.

With the Note 4 Edge, you can also decorate with nice pictures from Gallery and other images.
stay connected to the topic the most closest to you.The precise color saturation and the high contrast of 5.6'' Quad HD + Super AMOLED display will drive you to feel the fluent and vivid color as if you are looking with the naked eye. High resolution boasts tremendous viewing experience. The smartphone is truly optimized for web-browsing and e-reading. You can even shoot brighter and clearer images using the Rear and Front
cameras. To be specific, there is a 3.7MP front-facing F1.9 lens camera, and a 16MP
Smart OIS back camera which provides you the best results for every moment of your life even in dark surroundings.

Not only this, the Note 4 Edge will also give you a Multi-window experience so that you are able to gain flexibility by managing multiple applications at once on a single screen using simple gestures. Thanks to charging speed improvement, waiting times of Galaxy Note 4 Edge have decreased significantly. Half charged only within an hour, could go from zero

to 50% in only 30 minutes – usually a 55-minute process. All you have to do is plug in and get dressed after taking a relaxing shower. If you're running out of your time, use Ultra Power Saving mode. That’s what makes this powerful smartphone! A beauty in the world of gadgets. 

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