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Thursday, 18 August 2016

New Gadgets For Those Who Love Technology

Top gadgets are being updated every hour. At such a stage, you do need to stay updated with the new gadgets near about all the time. Here are some of the latest entries you must have a look at:

Lifepack – Solar Powered & Anti-Theft Backpack
With this solar powered anti-theft backpack, you’ll be able to carry your office on the go. The most innovative feature here is the Solarbank that works as a USB solar charger to keep your phone’s battery pumped up with power on the go. The charger is capable of charging your iPhone 6 up to 12 times. Next comes the integrated lock that will make sure to keep your belongings safe and secure. The Workzone and Lifezone compartments are separate that will help you keep your clothes away from your office belongings. Apart from this, the Solarbank also makes sure that you get to make the most out of your audio with Bluetooth speakers. There are four hidden compartments to be exact that will help in keeping your valuables safe. A backpack that will help you travel without losing touch with your everyday tech life.

The Elicto – Revolutionizing the Way You Clean Your Floors
Designed to exceed the expectations of anyone who loves having a flawless floor, the Elicto can be considered as one of the best new gadgets that works as an innovative wireless mop that will make the daily cleaning process as easy as a breeze. The amazing dual spin mop and polisher with microfiber attachment will clean perfectly on any surface, whether it’s the wooden floors, laminated flooring, tiles, stone, or marble. The coolest feature is that while you clean, the mop will spin, round up the dirt, dust, and stains thereby polishing in one simple swipe! Unlike regular mops that require you to use pressure that strains your hand, arms, and back, the Elicto slides super easily on the floor for a fast and easy cleaning routine. No matter what floor you have, this mop is here to make home cleaning super easy for you.

BULLETDrive – Bluetooth 4.1 Headset + Car Charging Capsule
BULLETDrive is the most advanced Bluetooth 4.1 Headset made just for the car, allowing you to go Hands-Free while driving in a snap! The One Touch wireless operation enables you to make calls and listen to music easily and conveniently just by pressing a single button. BULLETDrive plugs into any cigarette lighter or other 12V socket in your car or other vehicle so the earpiece is always charging when inside the charging capsule, which makes it easy and convenient to re-charge while on the go. This state-of-art headset features CVC Active Noise Reduction + Echo Cancellation for crystal clear sound and Multi-Point Connectivity so you can connect the earpiece to two devices simultaneously. It automatically connects when in the car, and features automatic On and Off functionality when not in use. The earpiece is ultra lightweight and ergonomically designed for superior comfort and long term wear.

Wilson X Connected Football
Turn those watermelons into crisp spirals with the Wilson X Connected Football. Made get up your game, this incredible football looks like the average ball with goose bumps and laces but is far from ordinary. Inside is the technology to monitor your throwing and connect via Bluetooth to the Wilson X app on your smart device. The technology is able to track your completed passes, velocity, spin, distance, and spiral efficiency right on your smartphone. The data is made available instantly so you can start improving your game ASAP. The smart sensor inside the Wilson X Connected Football is small enough to remain undetected as you throw and catch and the battery will last you an incredible 200,000 throws. Available in junior or official size, the Wilson X is the first connected football of the NFL.

Light L16 Compact Camera
Have the power of a DSLR right in the palm of your hand with the Light L16 Compact Camera. If you buy gadgets online, this camera is totally worth a buy. The camera uses up to ten of the incredible 16 different lenses simultaneously all ranging from 28mm, 70mm, to 100mm. Capturing an impressive 52 megapixels, the L16 Camera produces enough detail to have its shots used on a billboard. Additionally, the L16 Camera uses revolutionary depth-of-field control so you can actually choose your point of focus after you’ve taken the shot. This resolution also offers a whopping 5x optical zoom which means you don’t need to lug around extra lenses. Automatically updating its software, the L16 Camera runs on Android and is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so you’re always connected and ready to share. For more information click this link.

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